Fox News hosts spar over how much of a ‘hellhole’ New York City is

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Fox host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery  (YouTube)
Fox host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (YouTube)

Panellists got into a heated debate while discussing whether New York City had become a crime-infested “hellhole”, on Fox News’ Outnumbered programme.

Wednesday’s topic was crime rates, and guests discussed the argument that the police are being defunded in Democrat-led cities, leaving them unable to enforce the law.

After host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery mentioned violent crimes in New York, Julie Banderas asked her co-panellist Jenna Arnold “Do you not see a pattern here? Every Democratic city has more crime and less power in the hands of police officers who are supposed to keep this from happening.”

Ms Arnold downplayed the significance of the “Defund The Police” movement, reports Mediaite, and said a greater focus on the underlying conditions in society that cause criminal behavior was needed.

She then denied the panel’s description of New York as a dangerous place, saying the city is “just fine”.

Ms Kennedy disagreed, saying: “The homicide rate has shot up…People are pooping in the streets,” but Ms Arnold argued back, pointing out that crime rates have gone up across the whole country.

The debate grew more heated as Ms Kennedy said: “New York is a hellhole,” prompting an outburst from Ms Arnold. “No it’s not” she said. “You don’t get to call New York that. Not on my watch.”

“I live here, sister!” Ms Kennedy said, as Ms Arnold retorted: “So do I.”

“I do walk around,” Ms Kennedy added. “I read the New York Post. I talk to cops. I know what is going on here.”

“That’s not an accurate journalist outlet,” Ms Arnold responded, continuing: “New York is certainly struggling. Please don’t call it a hellhole. That’s not accurate.”

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