Fox News’ Sean Hannity Boasts That Cher Is a Secret Fan of His Show

By Justin Baragona

Fox News host Sean Hannity suggested Tuesday night that pop superstar Cher is a secret fan of his show and may be getting her ideas from his nightly talking points.

The suggestion came after the liberal singer/actress questioned Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for arguing that prisoners should have the right to vote earlier this week.

During his CNN town hall Monday night, Sanders was asked if he supported giving people such as Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev or “those convicted of sexual assault” the right to vote even while in prison. The independent Vermont senator replied that “even for terrible people,” everyone should have the “inherent American right to participate in our democracy.”

Cher, an outspoken Trump critic and full-fledged member of the Resistance, took issue with Sanders’ stance. In a since-deleted tweet, the Oscar-winner asked: “Does Bernie Sanders really believe [people] in prison who are murderers!? Rapists!? Child Molesters!? Boston bombers… still deserve the right to vote!?”

After highlighting The View host Meghan McCain’s angry reaction to Sanders’ town hall comments during his broadcast Tuesday, Hannity spotlighted Cher’s tweet before boasting that she must watch the program.

“I think Cher is watching this show because this is twice now—in two weeks—that we have highlighted her views, being on the right side,” the pro-Trump conservative host declared.

As Hannity stated, this isn’t the first time he praised Cher this month. Last week, he mentioned her on his program several times after she seemed to side with President Trump on immigration, saying that while she understood the need to help struggling immigrants, she questioned how her city could take care of more when it “isn’t taking care of its own.”

The comments prompted Trump to proclaim on Twitter: “I finally agree with Cher!”

Donald Trump Jr. also reposted her tweet on his Instagram, along with the caption: “Welcome to the Republican Party Cher!!!”

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