Foxborough Coronavirus Positive Test Rate Drops: Local Comparison

Jimmy Bentley

FOXBOROUGH, MA —Local cities and towns have been giving almost daily updates on local coronavirus cases since the outbreak began.

But for the past month, the state Department of Public Health began releasing data on per capita coronavirus rates, offering a different perspective on how the virus is spreading at the local level. On Wednesday, state officials also began releasing the percent of tests that came back positive at the town level.

Looking at the number of cases per 100,000 residents in a given town shows how far the virus has infiltrated the population.

Foxborough has the second lowest infection rate among its neighboring towns at 618.35 cases per 100,000 residents. The town, with a population around 17,000, had 96 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday. Wrentham, with a population around 11,000, had the highest infection rate in the area despite three other communities having more confirmed cases.

As far as rates of positive tests, Foxborough's have been on a downward trend. From May 27 to Wednesday, the town's rate of positive tests dropped from 10.1 to 8.18 percent.

Here's a look at coronavirus rates for Foxborough and its neighboring communities, and where Foxborough ranks among them. These figures are from the state DPH and were calculated using case counts current as of June 17.

City/Town Total Rate per 100,000 Positive Test Rate
Foxborough 112 618.35
North Attleboro 249 824.09
Norfolk 25 202.5
Sharon 150 819.19
Plainville 64 701.47
Easton 269 1135.1
Walpole 231 891.87
Mansfield 163 689.62
Wrentham 191 1694.09

This article originally appeared on the Foxborough Patch