Foxconn says iPhone 5 is the most difficult device it has ever built

Foxconn says iPhone 5 is the most difficult device it has ever built

Still can’t get an iPhone 5? It might be Apple’s (AAPL) fault and not just a display production shortage. According to The Wall Street Journal, a Foxconn official who wished to remain anonymous said the “iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled” and even now, workers are still learning how to manufacture the smartphones to meet Apple’s high standards.

The anonymous Foxconn official went on to say that the iPhone 5 “uses a new coating material that makes it more susceptible to scratching” and that it is much more difficult to meet quality checks. Since the iPhone 5 launched last month, Apple has caught flak for shipping smartphones with scuffs and scratches on the devices.

“It’s always hard to satisfy both aesthetic needs and practical needs,” said the Foxconn official.

Foxconn made headlines again on Tuesday after it reported that it had discovered underage interns working at its Yantai facility in the Shandong Province in China.


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