Framingham Adds Nearly 100 Coronavirus Cases Over Weekend

Neal McNamara
·1 min read

FRAMINGHAM, MA — Framingham added 93 new coronavirus cases over the weekend, the biggest rise in a single weekend in months, according to city health officials.

Framingham is now adding 33.11 new cases per 100,000 people per day, and the positive test rate is at 3.24 percent. If Framingham goes above a positive test rate of 4 percent, the city will move back onto the "red" category on the state Department of Public Health's weekly coronavirus report.

The new cases are also increasingly in younger people. Of the total number of cases detected over the last two weeks, 124 are in people under age 40. Only 90 residents above age 40 in that period tested positive. The median case age between Oct. 25 and Nov. 7 was 35, according to city data.

The virus is also hitting the city's Portuguese-speaking population harder.

Of the total 2,991 cases in Framingham since the beginning of the pandemic, the split is even at 28 percent each between people who speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. But in just the last two weeks, 48 percent of cases are in people whose primary language is Portuguese, according to the city's data.

A majority of new cases over 14 days are also in people who live in multifamily housing: 130, or 61 percent of all new cases. Single-family residents are the second-largest group at 72, or 34 percent.

Framingham did not report any new deaths on Monday. The pandemic toll stood at 153, with 132 of those in people over age 70.

This article originally appeared on the Framingham Patch