France gets taste for non-alcoholic drinks

STORY: This is France's first alcohol-free wine shop

at least according its founder {arrow point at Laborde}

Locator: Paris, France

(Augustin Laborde, 'The Drinking Peacock' founder)

"I had the idea of opening an alcohol-free wine and liquor store in 2020, during the first lockdown. I stopped drinking alcohol and the idea appeared when I realized there were no physical stores specialized in this kind of drinks. Then, it took roughly two years to find the products, the financing and the place, and open this shop."

France is home to fine wine, from Bordeaux red wines to white Burgundies

The consumption of non-alcoholic beverages here has lagged other markets

But habits are seeing a slow but steady change

(Helene Bourgy, Set designer)

'I don't always feel like drinking wine, I don't always want to drink alcohol actually but I still want something that is a bit festive. So this is a good compromise.'

"It really smells like wine, it smells like wine. The taste of wine isn't there but it has tannins, which is quite surprising."