France Sending Replica Statue Of Liberty To NYC

Ellis Island is expecting a new addition in time for Independence Day.

Video Transcript

- Ellis Island is expecting a new package in time for Independence Day. It is a gift from France that might look a little familiar. Here's CBS 2's Ian Lee.

IAN LEE: She may resemble the Statue of Liberty down to the broken shackles and torch lighting the path to freedom, but pull back, and you can tell. At just over 9 feet, she's 16 times smaller than our Lady Liberty. Call it her little sister.

And she's about to go on the same important diplomatic mission as her big sis. Organizer Olivia Feron says French-American friendship should be marked under the symbol of liberty. She's being packed up and shipped out, tracing the same path across the Atlantic as the statue in New York.

LIAM WASLEY: As we reopen after COVID, it's great Lady Liberty can be one of the first voyageurs, travelers back to the United States.

IAN LEE: In 1885, France gave America the original Statue of Liberty. For decades, she welcomed millions of immigrants to the US.

LIAM WASLEY: This is a really important ceremony to remind us of the strong links with France.

IAN LEE: A band gave Lady Liberty's little sister a final au revoir. She'll arrive in New York for a family reunion just in time for the 4th of July. Ian Lee, CBS News, London.

- After the fourth, little Lady Liberty will be moved to the French Embassy in Washington DC where she'll stay for a decade. She's one of 11 replicas made from the original cast used as a model to create the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.