France to summon Russian Ambassador following ‘cowardly & disgraceful’ killing of French volunteers

Beryslav after one of the strikes of the Russian Federation
Beryslav after one of the strikes of the Russian Federation
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Russia’s Ambassador to France, Aleksey Meshkov, "will be summoned" to the French Foreign Affairs Ministry on Feb. 5 over the death of two French volunteers in Kherson Oblast, reports BFMTV.

Paris "will condemn the renewal of disinformation directed against France.", a diplomatic source told the outlet.

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Tensions between France and Russia have increased over Ukraine recently. The aggressor criticizes the "militaristic insanity" of France after statements about new supplies of weapons to Kyiv.

France also expects to be the target of new Russian disinformation, as President Emmanuel Macron is due to visit Ukraine in February.

Two French volunteer aid workers were reportedly killed in a Russian drone attack on Beryslav, Kherson Oblast on Feb. 2. Three more French volunteers were wounded.

French President Emmanuel Macron commented on the death of two French citizens, condemning the attack as "cowardly and disgraceful."

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