France to supply Crotale air defense systems to Ukraine

Crotale, which France will transfer to Ukraine
Crotale, which France will transfer to Ukraine

They (the Crotales) “will be particularly useful in the fight against drones and against aerial bombardments,” the Associated Press said, quoting the minister.

Lecornu said that France has 12 of the air defense batteries, without specifying how many of them will go to Ukraine. All of them will be replaced by the more modern Mamba air defense systems, Lecornu said.

In line with plans, Ukraine will be able to deploy the batteries within two months. Training for Ukrainian artillery troops in operating the advanced air defense system is also to be provided.

Lecornu added the supply of six more Caesar artillery pieces is also discussion. France has already supplied 18 Caesar artillery pieces to Ukraine.

In addition, Paris is studying a Ukrainian request for rocket-launched ground-strike weaponry.

The Minister also noted that France has placed orders to replace the Caesar cannons that it has sent to Ukraine.

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