France vs Netherlands LIVE: Euro 2022 result, final score and reaction tonight

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The final spot in the Euro 2022 semi-finals is up for grabs tonight when France take on the Netherlands in Rotherham. The winner will face Germany in the next round completing a last-four line-up that also features England and Sweden. Both teams finished the group stages with seven points but that was enough to give France top spot in Group D whilst the Netherlands had to settle for second in Group C thanks to Sweden’s superior goal difference.

The French looked brilliant in their opening two matches, first beating Italy 5-1 before edging past a resolute Belgium 2-1 in the second game. Having already secured a place in the knockouts France were denied a third successive victory after Iceland converted a penalty 12 minutes into added time to earn a 1-1 draw in the final group match.

The Netherlands, meanwhile, had an interesting group stage. They held one of the pre-tournament favourites, Sweden, to a 1-1 draw in their opening fixture - Jill Roord equalising after half-time - before making hard work of their second match against Portugual. The Dutch gave up a two-goal lead before Danielle van de Donk’s barnstorming finish in the second half secured them a 3-2 win. In the final group game Switzerland managed to take the lead but four second half goals saw the Netherlands march to victory and into the quarter-finals.

Tonight’s match also provides France with an opportunity to enact some revenge on the Netherlands and ease the heartache of 13 years ago, when the Dutch emerged victorious from a penalty shootout in the Euro 2009 tournament to advance to the semi-finals after a 0-0 draw. Will history repeat itself this evening?

Follow all the action from the Euro 2022 quarter-final between France and the Netherlands:

France vs Netherlands

  • Winner faces Germany in semi-final on Wednesday

  • France XI: Peyraud-Magnin, Perisset, Mbock Bathy, Renard, Karchaoui, Geyoro, Bilbault, Toletti, Diani, Malard, Cascarino

  • Netherlands XI: Van Somselaar, Wilms, Van der Gragt, Janssen, Casparij, Gronenen, Van de Donk, Spitse, Beerensteyn, Miedema, Pelova

  • 27’ - Cascarino hits the post with a great volley

  • 36’ - Two chances cleared off the line in quick succession by Van der Gragt

  • 101’ - GOAL! Perisset nets a penalty in extra time after a VAR check spots the foul

ET Full-time: France 1-0 Netherlands

22:31 , Michael Jones

120+2 mins: France hold on! They’re through to the Euro 2022 finals, the reigning champions are out.

Eve Perisset’s penalty kick is the deciding factor. On balance they probably deserved the victory and could have had it sooner if they were more clinical.

Les Bleus now face Germany in the semi-finals.

ET France 1-0 Netherlands

22:29 , Michael Jones

120 mins: Two more added minutes to go. It’s all hands on deck for France now. They’re pinned in their own final third.

A potential penalty check comes and goes for the Netherlands. There was nothing going for it.

ET France 1-0 Netherlands

22:27 , Michael Jones

117 mins: France are employing all the game managing tactics. Wendie Renard stays down after a challenge and ekes out a couple of seconds.

Les Bleus have abandoned all thoughts of a second goal. They just want to keep the Netherlands out.

ET France 1-0 Netherlands

22:22 , Michael Jones

111 mins: Some of the French fans are already celebrating. The Netherlands are struggling to get the ball up the pitch, France look comfortable.

ET France 1-0 Netherlands

22:17 , Michael Jones

108 mins: Far from sitting back and protecting their lead, France are looking for the killer blow. Ouleymata Sarr, just brought on for France, has a couple of early chances but both hit the side netting.

ET Second half: France 1-0 Netherlands

22:15 , Michael Jones

105 mins: The Netherlands have nothing left to lose now. They’ve got 15 minutes to score and force the game into a penalty shootout.

France have never made it out of a European Championship quarter-final. Is tonight the night they do?

ET Half-time: France 1-0 Netherlands

22:14 , Michael Jones

Will this be the winning moment for France?

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

ET Half-time: France 1-0 Netherlands

22:12 , Michael Jones

105+2 mins: France keep the pressure on Netherlands and whip crosses into the box from both sides. Someone the Dutch keep them out and the whistle goes for the break.

15 minutes to play and France have the lead.

ET France 1-0 Netherlands

22:09 , Michael Jones

105 mins: Two additional minutes of the first half of extra time to play.

ET GOAL! France 1-0 Netherlands (102’, Perisset)⚽️

22:06 , Michael Jones

102 mins: Perisset keeps her cool and curls the penalty over to the goalkeeper’s right side. Daphne van Domselaar get her fingers to the ball but she can’t push it wide and France take the lead.

ET France 0-0 Netherlands

22:05 , Michael Jones

100 mins: Penalty to France!

The referee is called over to the monitor. She looks at the replays on overturns her decision.

Dominique Janssen is also shown a yellow card. Eve Perisset is going to take the spot kick.

ET France 0-0 Netherlands

22:03 , Michael Jones

99 mins: Penalty shout!

Mateo slides a pass into the box and Diani finds herself ahead of Janssen. Janssen goes to ground and seems to clip the French forward.

The pair are bundled over and the referee waves for play to continue.

She’s told to wait though as a VAR check takes place.

ET France 0-0 Netherlands

22:00 , Michael Jones

96 mins: Chance! Miedema comes under pressure in the middle of the pitch and plays a blind pass back to Selma Bacha. Bacha turns towards the Dutch box and laces a left-footed effort that continues to rise and goes over the top.

ET France 0-0 Netherlands

21:58 , Michael Jones

93 mins: The Netherlands float a cross into the box from the left side and pick out Victoria Pelova who nods the ball back for Vivienne Miedema. Miedema looks to hit it on the volley but Renard is there to block it wide.

ET France 0-0 Netherlands

21:54 , Michael Jones

Kick off: Another 30 minutes needed to decide this last quarter-final. France have had the better of the match but the Netherlands fought back well towards the end of the second half.

This one could go either way. Les Bleus get the match restarted.

Full-time: France 0-0 Netherlands

21:50 , Michael Jones

90+3 mins: Save! Take a bow Daphne van Domselaar.

Delphine Cascarino is played in behind with a chipped pass over to the top. She brings it under control and sprints into the box before fizzing a shot at goal. Van Domselaar dives low to her left and pushes the ball out for a corner.

The corner is swung in towards Wendie Renard who meets it in the air and powers a header towards the far post but again Van Domselaar leaps over and flaps it wide.

The final whistle goes. We’re going to extra time.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:46 , Michael Jones

90 mins: Three minutes of added time to play. Sweden scored in added time yesterday against Belgium. Can someone do so again tonight?

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:43 , Michael Jones

86 mins: Chance! That was the moment!

Bacha goes on another fantastic run to dribble the ball into the box. She sends it wide to Cascarino who hangs a cross up to the back post.

Geyoro is wide open, she leaps, meets the ball and heads it wide. I’ve no idea how she’s missed.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:37 , Michael Jones

81 mins: Inside the last 10 minutes now. The last competitive match between these two teams at the Euros came in 2009. The Netherlands won in a penalty shootout after the match ended 0-0.

Is history going to repeat itself?

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:36 , Michael Jones

78 mins: France are starting to look a little leggy. Will this provide the Netherlands the opportunity to score?

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:32 , Michael Jones

75 mins: Victoria Pelova knocks Selma Bacha to the ground and France win a free kick over on the left channel. Bacha curls the set piece into the middle but Wendie Renard can’t get over the top of the ball this time and heads it wide.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:29 , Michael Jones

72 mins: A Netherlands corner is whipped straight into the hands of France goalkeeper Pauline Peyraud-Magnin. She is tugged back by Van der Gragt who tries to stop her playing the ball quickly and the defender is shown a yellow card.

Netherlands make another change and Danielle van de Donk is swapped out for Esmee Brugts.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:22 , Michael Jones

69 mins: Save! Bacha curls the next corner into the box and finds the head of Renard who is a massive threat from these set pieces. The French captain powers the ball at goal and forces Van Domselaar into a leaping save off to her right.

If the Netherlands go through they’ll have a lot of thanks to give to the goalkeeper and the two centre-backs.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:21 , Michael Jones

67 mins: Bacha has certainly made an impact since coming on. She fluidly switches place with Diani before recieving the ball into the box from a Toletti pass.

Bacha spins and shoots but the goalkeeper turns it wide.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:20 , Michael Jones

66 mins: Bacha first involvement sees her drive into the box before laying it off to Diani who wins a corner. Bacha then takes the corner and perfectly picks of Renard who nods the ball towards the far corner only for Van der Gragt to get in the way once more.

The Dutch centre-back is having a blinder.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:18 , Michael Jones

63 mins: France need to regain some control of the game so look to the bench. Selma Bacha comes on to replace Melvine Malard, she slots in on the left with Diani moving into the middle and Cascarino out to the right.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:17 , Michael Jones

60 mins: Jill Roord holds onto the ball in the middle of the pitch before working it across to Groenen. She floats a cross into the box but it drops over Miedema’s head and France manage to work it clear.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:14 , Michael Jones

57 mins: The Netherlands look more aggressive since the restart. Roord’s introduction is tying everything together in midfield and Van de Donk looks threatening on the right.

She takes on Casparij and wins a corner.

Miedema is once again the target and her header finds the goalkeeper this time. That’s the Dutch’s first attempt on target.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:12 , Michael Jones

54 mins: Victoria Pelova is played in behind on the left wing and drives into the area. Van de Donk arrives from the opposite side but the cross it marshalled behind by Mbock Bathy.

The corner ball is hung up the middle of the area and Miedema shifts her body to strike one on the volley but she guides her effort over the bar.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:08 , Michael Jones

51 mins: Cascarino knocks the ball down to the left side of the box and sprints around two defenders before flicking it into the middle. Diani arrives late and can’t meet it properly on the half-volley.

She miscontrols it and Van der Gragt fires it away.

France 0-0 Netherlands

21:04 , Michael Jones

48 mins: Kadidiatou Diani continues to be a huge threat. She’s quicker than the Dutch defender on the right and isn’t afraid of taking them on.

Diani drives into the penalty area and chips it over towards Melvine Malard but Dominique Janssen has it covered.

Second half: France 0-0 Netherlands

21:01 , Michael Jones

Kick off: Mark Parson makes a change at half-time with Lineth Beerensteyn hooked in favour of Jill Roord. Roord has slipped into the no. 10 position with Danielle van de Donk moving over to the right side.

The Netherlands get the match back underway.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:55 , Michael Jones


France 0-0 Netherlands

20:50 , Michael Jones

France have dominated the first half. They’ve created 12 decent opportunities to score and even had six on target. In response the Netherlands have only created one attempt.

Stephanie van de Gragt has made two game-saving blocks and Delphine Cascarino has hit the post.

France will be gobsmacked at how this game is still level.

Half-time: France 0-0 Netherlands

20:46 , Michael Jones

45 mins: Lineth Beerensteyn is tripped and makes a meal of the contact. It’s good acting as the Netherlands win a free kick just outside the French box.

Sherida Spitse curls it into the box but Renard heads it clear.

No added minutes and the teams head into the break.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:42 , Michael Jones

42 mins: Blocked! France are going to rue these chances.

They recycle the ball from the free kick and Wendie Renard stays up the pitch. The cross comes into the middle and she nods it down to Grace Geyoro. Geyoro is inside the six yard box and whacks it at goal but Stephanie van der Gragt is there once more to block it!

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:40 , Michael Jones

39 mins: Groenen crunches Diani to the deck as the winger looks to break down the right wing. She makes it all the way to the side of the box before being brought down and France win a free kick.

Perisset floats the set piece into the middle but it hits a Dutch head first and is knocked away.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:38 , Michael Jones

36 mins: Off the line! Take a bow Stephanie van der Gragt!

France win the ball in the Dutch half and switch the play over to Eve Perisset on the right wing. She dinks the ball into the box for Diani who cuts it back to Malard.

The goalkeeper is beaten as Malard takes a touch, she then shoots only for Van der Gragt to be covering and the defender blocks it off the line with her body!

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:35 , Michael Jones

30 mins: The Dutch aren’t threatening at all. Vivienne Miedema just can’t get into the game and they’re being outclassed in midfield.

Grace Geyoro tries to get forward and looks to twist around Van de Donk but she takes a knock and wins France a free kick.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:28 , Michael Jones

27 mins: Off the post!

Toletti fizzes a corner into the Netherlands box and the ball is nodded out to Cascarino. She hits the dropping ball on the volley and drills it low towards the right hand corner.

Van Domselaar sees it too late but luckily for the goalkeeper the ball whacks into the upright and bounces away to safety.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:25 , Michael Jones

24 mins: All the pressure is coming from France. Sandie Toletti has a shy but misses the target then Sakina Karchaoui is shouldered over by Danielle van de Donk.

Play goes on but the French defender stays down and eventually the ball is kicked out so she can get some treatment.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:22 , Michael Jones

21 mins: Renard is the target of a French corner once again but again she can’t direct her header at the goal. The French captain gives out a big sigh and shakes her head as she jogs back into position.

Save! Having recovered possession France guide the ball down the left wing and feed it up to Delphine Cascarino. She cut inside and sees the Dutch defenders drop off her opening up space for a shot.

Cascarino strikes it well and forces another sharp save out of Van Domselaar.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:18 , Michael Jones

18 mins: Close! Dominique Janssen is spared some blushes thanks to her own goalkeeper. She tries to clear a low pass into the box from the right and skews her effort straight at her own goal but Van Domselaar is aware enough to hand it wide with her right hand.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:16 , Michael Jones

17 mins: Chance! The Netherlands commit their full-back forward when they’re attacking which leaves room for runners in behind on the counter.

Melvine Malard receives a clearance for France then threads a through ball over to the right for Diani. Diani drives all the way to the box and hits a low effort at goal but Van Domselaar keeps it out.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:14 , Michael Jones

15 mins: Chance! The French corner is floated over to Wendie Renard who leaps above everyone else and wins the ball. She gets a decent amount of it with her headed effort but sends it wide of the nearest post.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:13 , Michael Jones

12 mins: Karchaoui cuts inside from the left side and Jackie Groenen doesn’t give the opportunity to shoot or pick out a pass. She’s a little overzealous with her tackle though and gives away a free kick.

Sandie Toletti swings the ball into the box but Vivienne Miedema is there to nod it behind.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:10 , Michael Jones

9 mins: Pelova and Miedema are finding it difficult to turn with the ball due to the closing down from the French backline. It’s good defending and doesn’t allow the Dutch a way into the box. Miedema lays the ball off to Spitse who drills a low effort at goal and wins the first corner of the game.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:07 , Michael Jones

6 mins: Chance! Kerstin Casparij bombs down the left wing and spins away from a tackle before driving up the pitch. She puts a cross into the box and looks to pick out Vivienne Miedema but Sakina Karchaoui squeezes in front of the forward. She nods the ball into the pitch and her goalkeeper has to jump across to the right to keep it out.

France 0-0 Netherlands

20:05 , Michael Jones

3 mins: France have started quickly as they usually do but the Netherlands are just trying to control the game and slow down the pace whenever they gain possession.

Kick off: France 0-0 Netherlands

20:02 , Michael Jones

France get this last Euro 2022 quarter-final underway and immediately fire the ball out of play on the left hand side.

Chance! Sherida Spitse gives the ball away after the Netherlands throw is back into the middle. France work it out to Kadidiatou Diani on the right side and the winger shimmies into the box before sliding the ball to Grace Geyoro.

Geyoro scuffs her shot at goal but Daphen van Domselaar is still called into action to keep it out.

France vs Netherlands

19:55 , Michael Jones

Wendie Renard leads out the French team looking full of focus and determination. Vivienne Miedema has the armband for the Netherlands.

This should be a cracking game. Kick off is next...

France vs Netherlands

19:52 , Michael Jones

Each of the previous three quarter-finals have seen goals scored in the final 10 minutes of the 90. England scored to take the game to extra time where they ending up winning.

Germany scored to double their lead and move into the semi-finals and Sweden scored to knock out Belgium last night.

So much drama already and this match could be the best one yet. It’s third in the world vs fourth in the world.

France vs Netherlands. Which way will this one go?

France vs Netherlands

19:48 , Michael Jones

The Netherlands have progressed in both their previous Euro last-eight ties, winning 5-4 on penalties after a goalless draw against Les Bleues in 2009 and securing a 2-0 victory against Sweden five years ago.

In 2017 the Oranje became the fourth nation to lift the Euro trophy, thanks to a 4-2 comeback victory in the final against Denmark in Enschede.

Vivienne Miedema (10, 89), Lieke Martens (28) and Sherida Spitse (51) scored for Sarina Wiegman’s side, who had fallen behind to Nadia Nadim’s sixth-minute penalty. Pernille Harder (33) had levelled for the Danes at 2-2.

Dramatic injury-time winner fires Sweden past Belgium into Euro 2022 semi-final against England

19:43 , Michael Jones

Linda Sembrant’s dramatic stoppage-time winner earned Sweden a 1-0 victory over Belgium and the chance to face England in the semi-finals of Euro 2022.

Stina Blackstenius was denied a goal by VAR midway through the first half and Sweden were made to wait until the dying seconds to see off a valiant Belgian effort at Leigh Sports Village.

Wave after wave of Sweden attack in the second period had brought no joy to that point, with goalkeeper Nicky Evrard proving to be their nemesis.

But heartbreak for the Red Flames came in the second minute of stoppage time when Sembrant smashed home to send Sweden through to their ninth Euros semi-final.

Dramatic winner fires Sweden past Belgium into Euro 2022 semi-final against England

France vs Netherlands

19:38 , Michael Jones

The Oranje have won their last three Euros knockout ties since their only defeat – a 2-1 semi-final loss to England in 2009.

France are in their seventh European championships, all in succession. They have now reached the quarter-finals in each of the last four, having exited at the group stage in their first three appearances.

Les Bleus have never gone further than this stage.

Can Miedema make the difference?

19:33 , Michael Jones

Arsenal striker Vivianne Miedema is the Netherlands’ all-time top goalscorer and was part of the squad who won Euro 2017 and reached the 2019 World Cup final.

She has won three domestic leagues titles - one with Arsenal and two with Bayern Munich and is also the Women’s Super League’s record goalscorer. At 15, she became the youngest player to debut in the Eredivisie.

Arsenal manager Jonas Eidevall said: “She has great game intelligence and great technique. What is also world class, but people don’t necessarily see, is her physical ability.

“She’s very explosive and strong. The combination of those make it very difficult for opponents to play against her.”

No she’s back in the Netherlands’s starting XI, can she lead the Dutch to another European title?

Hearing home fans sing national anthem giving England ‘extra push’, says Keira Walsh

19:27 , Michael Jones

England’s Keira Walsh cannot wait to belt out another hair-raising rendition of the national anthem ahead of Tuesday’s Euro 2022 semi-final at Bramall Lane.

The Lionesses will play Sweden for a place in the Wembley final after their thrilling extra-time win against Spain on Wednesday.

Walsh feels singing ‘God Save The Queen’ best encapsulates the growing excitement about the Lionesses’ chances of lifting their first major trophy.

The Manchester City midfielder said: “For me, it’s when we’re singing the national anthem.”

Hearing home fans sing national anthem giving England ‘extra push’, says Keira Walsh

France vs Netherlands

19:21 , Michael Jones

This is the first competitive encounter between the nations since the Euro 2009 quarter-final, which required a penalty shoot-out after a goalless draw. Anouk Hoogendijk converted the winning spot kick for the Netherlands as they triumphed 5-4 in the shoot-out.

Excluding shoot-outs, the Oranje’s last three wins against France have all come in friendlies; their last competitive victory over Les Bleues in regulation time was a 1-0 success in Angers in September 2005, in a 2007 Fifa Women’s World Cup qualifier.

France vs Netherlands

19:15 , Michael Jones

These sides come up against each other for the second time in 2022, with France having won 3-1 in a friendly tournament in Le Havre in February.

Wendie Renard converted a 20th-minute penalty before Marie-Antoinette Katoto scored twice either side of Lineth Beerensteyn’s 50th-minute reply for the Netherlands.

France are unbeaten in the last three meetings against the Dutch, winning two; they also recorded a 2-1 friendly victory in Utrecht in April 2017 before a 3-3 draw in a friendly tournament in Valenciennes three years later.

The Netherlands’ last success in this fixture was a 2-1 friendly win in Paris in October 2015 thanks to goals from Daniëlle van de Donk and a Griedge Mbock Bathy own goal.

France vs Netherlands

19:09 , Michael Jones

Diacre on the Netherlands

19:03 , Michael Jones

France boss Corinne Diacre spoke about what she thinks tonight’s game is going to be like saying: “We know the Netherlands very well; we’ve watched them and we know their players – the starters and the subsitutites. There are no surprises, and there won’t be any for them either.

“The Netherlands are the holders, and if either of us are favourites it should be them. As everyone keeps telling us: we’ve never been past the quarter-finals so we can hardly be favourites.

"We are in a different scenario to the three group games. We approach it calmly - on the other hand, with a sledgehammer as it is absolutely necessary to win this match.

"We expect a match from two committed sides, but a game that is also open, where both teams want to score goals. I hope it will be an interesting spectacle for the supporters.”

France looking to rewrite history

18:58 , Michael Jones

Wendie Renard believes that her team can ‘rewrite history’ as France look to reach the European Championship semi-finals for the the first time despite coming up against the superstar that is Vivienne Miedema.

“Together, we are going to try to rewrite history.” said the French captain, “We need to pull out all the stops, and focus from first minute to the last. We need to be efficient and serene, to score goals and not concede any.

“It’s normal for a coach to want to keep that secret [whether Miedema will start]. Miedema is a very competitive player and she’ll want to play. She is a world-class player with the ability to hold the ball as well as take out an entire team.”

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Fans arriving at the stadium

18:54 , Michael Jones

The Netherlands supporters have paraded their way to every one of their team’s matches at Euro 2022 so far and today was no exception.

Here they are arriving at the New York Stadium tonight.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Miedema returns!

18:51 , Michael Jones

Vivenne Miedema is back in the Netherlands’s starting XI after missing out through Covid. She is a huge boost to the Dutch chances of reaching the semi-finals.

Mark Parsons spoke about Miedema’s return saying: “She’s feeling good. She’s had three good days of training. A massive boost for us. You know Viv: there was no chance of her missing this game.”

France vs Netherlands line-ups

18:48 , Michael Jones

France XI: Peyraud-Magnin, Perisset, Mbock Bathy, Renard, Karchaoui, Geyoro, Bilbault, Toletti, Diani, Malard, Cascarino

Netherlands XI: Van Somselaar, Wilms, Van der Gragt, Janssen, Casparij, Gronenen, Van de Donk, Spitse, Beerensteyn, Miedema, Pelova

Netherlands still waiting for ‘goosebumps’ moment

18:42 , Michael Jones

Netherlands boss, Mark Parsons, says that his team are growing into the tournament and have a good chance of defeating France tonight despite being ranked lower than them.

France - who have never been beyond the Euros quarter-finals - are ranked third in the world, with the current European champions fourth.

The Netherlands won Euro 2017, under the now England boss Sarina Wiegman, before Parsons took over.

"We didn’t come in on fire like France, Sweden or England. We had to grow, taking blows," said the Englishman

"We’re still waiting for that performance where we all say we got to a level that gives us goosebumps. The last six months have been what it was.”

Netherlands star Vivianne Miedema could be back for Euro 2022 quarter-final against France

18:36 , Michael Jones

Netherlands star Vivianne Miedema could be fit for Saturday’s Euro 2022 quarter-final against France after manager Mark Parsons revealed “things are going well”.

Arsenal striker Miedema, who is her country’s record scorer with 94 goals in 112 caps, missed the group-stage wins over Portugal and Switzerland following a positive Covid-19 test.

The 26-year-old has returned to training ahead of the last-eight showdown in Rotherham and will continue to be assessed.

English boss Parsons provided an optimistic update but was reluctant to be drawn on whether Miedema will be able to start for the defending champions.

Netherlands star Vivianne Miedema could be back for Euro 2022 quarter-final

Lieke Martens out of Euro 2022 in fresh injury blow to Netherlands

18:30 , Michael Jones

Netherlands winger Lieke Martens is out of Euro 2022 after a foot injury prematurely ended her participation.

The 29-year-old, who signed for Paris St Germain earlier this summer, suffered the problem during Sunday’s 4-1 Group C win over Switzerland.

A statement on the Netherlands’ official website read: “Lieke Martens suffered a foot injury during the match against Switzerland. After investigation, it turned out that she can no longer take action this European Championship.

“Martens will leave the training camp on Tuesday evening. No replacement can be called.”

Lieke Martens out of Euro 2022 in fresh injury blow to Netherlands

Early team news for France vs Netherlands

18:24 , Michael Jones

France’s Grace Geyoro, Sakina Karchaoui, Griedge Mbock and Eve Perisset could return after France rotated against Iceland.

The main selection dilemma concerns two of Melvine Malard, Delphine Cascarino and Sandy Baltimore joining Kadidiatou Diani in the front three.

Vivianne Miedema is back for the Netherlands after a bout of Covid and training, but a late decision will be made on her fitness.

Lieke Martens is out for the tournament due to a foot problem.

France vs Netherlands

18:18 , Michael Jones

France are aiming to reach the Women’s Euros semi-finals for the first time as they take on reigning champions the Netherlands in the final quarter-final in Rotherham.

Les Bleues sealed top spot in Group D courtesy of victories against Italy (5-1) and Belgium (2-1), before a 1-1 draw with Iceland on Matchday 3.


France vs Netherlands

18:12 , Michael Jones

The Netherlands secured qualification for the knockout stages with seven points, finishing second behind Sweden in Group C on goal difference.

A 3-2 Matchday 2 victory versus Portugal and a 4-1 win against Switzerland followed a 1-1 draw with the Swedes in their opening game.


‘We need to be more clinical’ says Diacre

18:06 , Michael Jones

France secured Group D in just two games during the group stages which allowed head coach Corinne Diacre to make changes for their third game - a 1-1 draw with Iceland - and get some minutes into the legs of the fringe squad members.

The French boss says that the although her team have started the tournament well they need to be more clinical if they are going to go on a lift the trophy

“We wanted to win the group and we did that after two games.” Diacre said, “I was able to give playing time to other players, and that went very well,

“We have no new injuries so we have 22 players available for the quarter-finals and that is important. We play on the front foot with great attacking players who create plenty of chances and now we need to be more clinical.”

‘I don’t think they want to play us’ says Parsons

18:00 , Michael Jones

Netherlands head coach, Mark Parsons, believes that his team are more confident about facing France despite losing to them 3-1 back in February and is hoping for a different result tonight.

“We’re playing big opponents, and so are they. I don’t think they want to play us,” said the Netherlands boss.

“[The last time we met] the result wasn’t what we wanted, but we said that that the next time we played them, we were confident that we would be better. We saw opportunity.”

France vs Netherlands

17:43 , Michael Jones

Hello and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of the last quarter-final of the Women’s European Championship as France face Netherlands in Rotherham.

The winner of tonight’s game will join England and Sweden in the final four and take on Germany in the second of the semi-final matches next Wednesday.

The fixture is a repeat of the 2009 Euros quarter-final in which Netherlands won a penalty shootout to knock France out of that tournament after the sides played out a goalless draw.

Will the same result occur tonight?