Is Francis the Most Humble Pope Ever?

Dashiell Bennett

Catholics are learning all kinds of fun new tidbits about the new Holy Father, and we're also starting to notice a pattern developing. We know that all religious leaders are supposed to be humble, but Pope Francis is like... really, really humble.

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Almost as soon as he emerged on the St. Peter's balcony last night, people began talking about his "monk-like" existence, his distate for flash and luxury, and his love for the poorThose who knew him from Argentina immediately remarked about he turned down things like a fancy Archbishops pad and private car. (He rides the bus to work!)

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Then he smiled. He asked the people to pray for him. He named himself after one of the all-time great champions of the poor.  (No Roman numeral necessary, of course.)

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His first day on the job only confirmed, his down-to-earth nature. He left the Vatican early to pray  at the more austere St. Mary Major basilica. After leaving through the side door, he skipped the Vatican limo to go back to his hotel and pick up his own bags ... then paid the bill himself. Seriously? Can this guy be any nicer?

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He's the most down-to-earth Pope any of us can remember and if all this other proof hasn't won you over, then this listen to self-deprecating anecdote from New York's Archbishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who tells how Francis "won our hearts" at his first dinner with the other cardinals after his election.

""He toasted us and he simply said, 'May God forgive you,' which brought the house down,"

You hear that? He brought the house down. Humble and funny is a combination that can't be beat.