Frank Clark tempts fate, smack talks Derrick Henry: 'I don't see no difficulty in tackling him'

Frank Clark tempts fate, smack talks Derrick Henry: 'I don't see no difficulty in tackling him'

The Kansas City Chiefs better win Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. Otherwise, Frank Clark is never going to hear the end of it.

Clark may have made an egregious mistake Friday: trash talking Titans running back Derrick Henry. The 26-year-old Clark said Henry was easy to tackle, among other things, according to The Tennessean.

"(Henry is) not hard to hit," Clark said, according to NFL Network. "He's just a big guy ... honestly he should be running harder at his weight and his size. I don't see no difficulty in tackling him."

"...He's just easy to me up front because I don't look at any running back like they can't be tackled. He's not one of the best guys at breaking tackles to me honestly. He's just a big body, and when people look at him, they're scared to tackle him or they look at him and they're scared to play aggressive. I think I'm the aggressor. I know I am."

Clark must be confident in his abilities, because his words have the potential to backfire in a major way. Clark can ask Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas about that. Thomas trash talked Henry before the AFC divisional round only to see Henry rush for 195 yards. On top of that, Thomas was the recipient of a massive stiff arm from Henry during the game.

While Clark is free to give his scouting report, the Chiefs had a hard time stopping Henry earlier in the season. The two teams met in Week 10, and Henry went off for 188 yards and two touchdown in a 35-32 Titans win.

The 26-year-old Henry has turned in similar performances in both of the Titans’ playoff games. Henry rushed for 182 yards during the wild-card game against the New England Patriots, and he has 377 total rushing yards in the postseason.

Henry will look to continue that dominance against the Chiefs on Sunday. After Clark’s comments, Henry might be even more motivated than usual.

That’s a scary thought for anyone who has seen Henry destroy everything in his path the past couple weeks.

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