Franklin County changes meeting dates; accepts bid for interest on Unorganized Territory banking

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Jan. 17—FARMINGTON — Franklin County commissioners voted Tuesday to change the meeting dates for February and accepted Franklin Savings Bank's interest rate for a CD.

County Administrator Amy Bernard will be on vacation the week of Feb. 20, the same as school vacation week. She recommended the commission meet at 3:15 p.m. Jan. 31 to open bids for the proposal for the Salem Bridge. Other dates being considered for two February meetings are Feb. 7 and Feb. 14. However, the latter date may change to meet individual commissioners' obligations.

Bernard told commissioners as part of the banking review for Unorganized County funds that rates are significantly higher than what they are getting.

Several banks offered proposals on the interest rate.

The county is currently getting 1.5%. Franklin Savings' proposal was for 3.5%. The plan is the county would put $4 million in Franklin Savings Bank for four weeks. Once that time is up, they could renew, Bernard said.

Commissioners also voted 2-1 to allow benefit-eligible employees who opt to enroll in a Medicare Plan to waive enrollment in the health insurance offerings through the county's health insurance provider and receive 100% of the total benefits package offered to full-time employees unless a specified percentage is assigned.

These benefit dollars will be applied to a Medicare supplemental health plan and additional, optional benefits where applicable, according to the draft of the employee benefits.

The employee will be required to present proof of health insurance coverage once enrolled, and direct payments will be made to the supplemental health insurance carrier.

Commission Chairman Terry Brann of Wilton opposed the motion while Commissioners Bob Carlton of Freeman Township and Lance Harvell of Farmington voted in favor.