Franklin students raise money to help elephants

Mar. 3—A fifth grade class at Franklin Central School recently held a concession stand to raise money to help endangered elephants.

As a fourth grader last year, Emma Huyck coordinated a school-wide pet supply drive, which collected 350 items, for the Delaware Valley Humane Society, a previous Daily Star article said.

"This year, the group of fifth graders wanted to do something all together, as a whole class," fifth grade teacher Carolyn Muller said. "They brainstormed and would meet every morning at breakfast to come up with ideas on what or who to donate to and how to do it. Then, they brought it to me to further help."

Muller's class of Aubrey Janitz, Ella Hilton, Kamali Hall, Emma Huyck, Peyton Boning, Carson Carmody, Robert Gallagher, Zoey McNamara and Jeanette Ogborn formed their own "Elephant Lover's Club" and decided they wanted to raise money for the Save the Elephants organization.

Their goal was to raise $200 by operating a concession stand at a girls basketball game. "In order to receive approval to act on their plan, the fifth graders created a slideshow presentation, explaining their mission and plan of action, then presented it to the principal," Muller said. "Their presentation took about 10 minutes, with a Q&A afterwards."

The principal approved the plan and the students got to work to prepare for the concession stand, she said. "They created posters and hung them up around the school, Franklin Central School created a post on Facebook to let the community know, and an email was sent out to all parents/guardians as well," she said.

The group sold cookies, cupcakes, candy, walking tacos and drinks during the girls modified and varsity basketball games on Feb. 1, Muller said. They also created posters about what the donations would support and why they were having the fundraiser, and had them at the concession stand. Muller said the students had help from herself, teachers Samntha Petkovsek and Susan Fairchilds, and several parents.

"The concession stand was such a big hit that the kids more than doubled their goal by raising $506 for the Save the Elephants charity," she said.

Vicky Klukkert, staff writer, can be reached at or 607-441-7221.