Franzen's next novel 'Purity' announced for 2015

US writer Jonathan Franzen

Fifth in the American novelist's oeuvre will be September 2015 Jonathan Franzen release "Purity," a multigenerational epic about a woman on the trail of her mysterious father.

Both HarperCollins and Macmillan arms are already preparing Franzen's readership for a "stylistic departure" (per its US publisher in The New York Times) as they follow Purity Tyler on a search for her long-lost father.

UK publisher Fourth Estate (HC) further fills in the details, calling the work "a realistic novel with a faint dreamlike texture," in the words of publishing director Nicholas Pearson; "something new and bold and very thrilling."

Secrecy is to be one of the novel's overriding themes, on a personal, familial and national level, as Purity encounters a "charismatic hacker and whistleblower" as part of her journey.

Just as Franzen's first novel, 1988 publication "The Twenty-Seventh City," drew upon his real-life experiences as a son of St. Louis, so too will "Purity," part of which is set in Germany prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, with Franzen having studied there in the late 1970s and early 1980s.