Free fishing days in Georgia part of National Fishing and Boating Week

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May 21—SOCIAL CIRCLE — National Fishing and Boating Week, which includes two free fishing days, provides an excellent reason to get outside and take advantage of the amazing natural resources available in Georgia, officials with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said.

Outdoors lovers are encouraged to celebrate NFBW from June 4-12, according to DNR.

"I don't know many people that would say 'no' when asked to go boating and fishing because they are both such great activities, and they even offer tremendous bonus benefits," Scott Robinson, chief of the WRD Fisheries Management Section, said. "Boating and fishing provide benefits like connecting with family and friends, providing an opportunity for stress relief and actively supporting conservation efforts with the purchase of a fishing license, equipment and boating fuel."

National Fishing and Boating Week began in 1979 and was created to recognize the tradition of fishing, to broaden the spirit of togetherness and to share the values and knowledge of today's anglers with tomorrow's anglers.

In the spirit of introducing new family members or friends to the sport of angling, Georgia offers two free fishing days — June 4 and June 11 — during this special week. On these days, Georgia residents do not need a fishing license, trout license or Lands Pass to fish.

There are so many great places to fish in Georgia, from trout streams in north Georgia to large reservoirs to lazy rivers in the south part of the state. You can always start at one of the 11 Public Fishing Areas ( or at one of many Georgia State Parks ( that offer fishing opportunities for family and friends. There also will be multiple Kids Fishing Events on these days (

For anglers who can't get outdoors, they can let the kids go to the Angler Academy. At this website, developed by, participants will find links to "fishy" crafts, games, informative videos and puzzles. Check it out at [—What%20to%20Do%20If%20You%20See%20a%20Snake?%20]

"In the spirit of National Fishing and Boating Week, be sure to make it a mission to take someone new when you go, such as a child, a relative or a friend," Robinson said. "You could be the person that inspires another person's life-long love of the water."

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