Free Wisconsin COVID-19 Testing Sites: Full List, Map

Scott Anderson
·1 min read

MADISON, WI — Wisconsin now has more than 40 free COVID-19 testing sites set up across the state, Wisconsin health officials said.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is keeping an updated map of all testing sites, including their locations, hours of operation, days that they're open and any other specific directions for patients.

State health officials say each site may have different requirements. Some sites may ask patients to stay in their cars, while other sites will screen patients before they come indoors. Many sites will require an appointment before patients arrive in order to ensure they’ve collected their contact and insurance information.

Testing site information changes frequently, and state officials urge patients to check with their local health department for the latest information. And if a city's opening up a new testing site and wants to be added to the map, officials urge organizers to complete this survey with details to include on the map.

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Free community testing sites are also available for Wisconsinites. Access a full list of free testing sites here.

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This article originally appeared on the Waukesha Patch