Freediver Helps Rescue Banjo Shark Snagged on Fishing Hook

A freediver came to the aid of a banjo shark after it got snagged on a fishing hook off Blairgowrie, Victoria.

Jules Casey said she was walking her dog by a pier in Blairgowrie when a fisherman told her a banjo shark got entangled in his fishing line and was trapped on the hook.

Casey rushed home to collect her diving gear before she returned to the pier and told the fisherman of her rescue plans.

“I returned to the pier I explained to the fisherman I was about to jump in to look for the banjo shark and that I’d be able to cut the fishing line but I’d need his help to remove the hook,” she said.

Casey shared footage of her finding the banjo shark and bringing it to the surface, where the fisherman removes the hook from its mouth. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

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