Freedom of Russia Legion claims destruction of Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers – video

Легіон Свобода Росії заявив, що знищив російську військову техніку
Легіон Свобода Росії заявив, що знищив російську військову техніку

According to the legion, a group using drones eliminated two tanks, one BMP-3 armored personnel carrier and one BRDM armored personnel carrier in the vicinity of the Shebekino checkpoint during the night.

“Moving forward towards the complete destruction of the regime. Russia will be free!” the legion wrote.

On June 4, another anti-Putin Russian armed group, the Russian Volunteer Corps or RDK declared it was taking part in battles in Belgorod Oblast.

Furthermore, the RDK reached out to Belgorod Oblast governor Vyacheslav Gladkov with an offer to return captured Russian army soldiers as a goodwill gesture. In return, they asked for a private meeting with the governor to discuss the present state of the region and, crucially, the future of Russia as a whole.

RDK fighters announced their latest raid in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast on June 1.

The Freedom of Russia Legion announced on May 22 that together with the RDK it had “completely liberated” the village of Kozinka in Belgorod Oblast, passed the village of Gora-Podol, and began storming Grayvoron.

Local authorities declared a “counterterrorist operation” and, according to the governor, had most residents of Grayvoron evacuated.

The Russians claimed that they had killed most of the saboteurs and “pushed the rest back” to the territory of Ukraine. RDK and legion fighters denied the losses.

The RDK and the legion reported that they had advanced 42 kilometers into Russia and controlled some settlements in Belgorod Oblast for a day. They claimed to have lost two people in action, with 10 others wounded.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine called the actions of the legion and the RDK in Belgorod Oblast of Russia “the establishment of a security strip” to protect Ukrainians.

Ukrainian Defense Intelligence officer and spokesperson Andriy Yusov said that the raid in the Russian oblast was carried out exclusively by legion and RDK fighters, who are themselves Russian citizens.

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