Freezing temperatures keeping heating repair companies busy

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The cold temperatures have everyone relying on their home heating to keep warm, but what happens when the heating goes out?

Companies like Best Care Home Services are making home repairs as Memphis residents deal with the dropping temperatures.

“We went from being 60-degree temperatures outside to being 4-degree temperatures outside, pretty much mid-30s. So no one had really run their units real hard,” said John McElroy, Best Care Home Services HVAC service manager. “So once that cold blast hit our phones just went crazy. We are loaded with work right now just because people waited ’til the last minute sometimes.”

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Monday, when the temperatures dropped, the home of the Martins got a cold awaking.

“I checked the thermostat downstairs and I noticed the needle hadn’t moved, although we had increased the temperature that we were requesting, but our inside temp was not changing,” said Denise Mustiful-Martin.

That is when heating companies like Best Care get busy.

“We have seen from gas valves that are sticking and aren’t firing up, allowing the furnace to heat, to cracked heat exchangers which deem the unit unsafe to operate because that could be a carbon monoxide leak. All the way to simple things like bad wiring in a thermostat,” McElroy said.

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Best Care says homeowners can take some steps to prevent problems by having their unit maintained by a professional, keeping the coils clean, and having the furnace inspected to make sure it’s safe to operate.

“I am glad there is an answer to the problem, and I am glad they came quickly,” the homeowner said.

Another thing homeowners can do is change the filters in their units and keep a couple of extra ones on hand. Dirty filters restrict airflow and can cause a lot of issues in your HVAC system, including furnaces not being able to heat.

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