Freezing temps cause burst pipes, water alerts across Mid-South

MLGW issues precautionary boil water advisory for some areas

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Across the Mid-South, freezing temperatures are resulting in water issues like burst pipes, and in some areas no water at all.

The city of Mason, Tennessee has not had water since Wednesday morning. Amanda Johnson, a Mason resident, voiced her frustration.

“It’s cold outside. There is ice everywhere. I’ve got two kids, goats, chickens, dogs, and cats and I got no water. I can’t wash my dishes. I mean, I can’t do anything,” she said.

Ice turns Mid-South roads into mess; drivers urged to stay home

Mason Mayor Eddie Noeman said the town’s water went out when two main water pipes froze, leaving 1,300 customers with no water.

Crews are working on it, hoping to get water back today, but the Mayor says it’s a sign of an ongoing problem in Mason he’s been trying to fix since taking office about a year ago.

“I fix over 40 leaks, and they still have more leaks going on. But with the storm and the weather and everything is just coming at one time,” said Mayor Noeman.

MLGW put its water conservation alert back in place Thursday afternoon, saying burst pipes are causing low water pressure and customers should conserve water until further notice.

MLGW President Doug McGowen predicted more water issues.

“We know additional breaks will happen, and that’s gonna be our challenge over the next few days as things continue to warm and cool. That’s when those water main leaks will manifest,” said McGowen.

MLGW asks customers to limit water use due to low pressure

Thursday morning MLGW said they had repaired 27 broken water mains since Saturday and were working on two others. They say undiscovered and un-repaired leaks are leading to low water pressure in some areas.

In Mississippi, the Walls Fire Department posted a Boil Water notice due to a loss of water caused by freezing temperatures.

The City of Olive Branch also encouraged residents to conserve water and refrain from non-essential usage due to high demand, leaving some residents high and dry as they go through the storm.

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