French bulldog among 3 puppies stolen from Webster store

The thief stuffed Rusty, Dulce, and Milo into a bag as he ran through the store.

Video Transcript

- Yeah, Tom. Good evening. It's absolutely wild, Tom. They walked and broke right into the doors of the Petland here, and Webster. They believe it was someone who had scoped them out before, because the thief really seemed to know what he was after, which included two of the most high priced, high demand breeds in the nation.

The surveillance video shows the culprit go right inside of the kennels and snatch the first puppy. He's masked and covered here. Makes his way down the aisle-- almost as if he knew what he was looking for, where he was going-- reaches into another kennel, and pretty aggressive here, shoves the English bulldog into the bag. Takes another look, then goes for a third dog, the French bulldog.

Disturbing to see how these puppies were handled. You can see here it was pretty aggressively.

- I have a personal relationship with all these dogs that we have here. So my immediate reaction was, when they took these puppies, those are my babies. So you're messing with my babies.

- Now, some good news here, Tom. One of the puppies taken, the Boston terrier, hopped out of the bag and the sales manager told me that she was able to find it in a back room. However, the man still got away with the French bulldog and the English bulldog. The English bulldog, Tom, is valued at more than $10,000 and the French bulldog at $9,400, Tom. If you know anything, you're asked to call police immediately. Reporting live in Webster this evening, I'm [INAUDIBLE], ABC 13 Eyewitness News.