French Bulldog puppy named Dumbo found after being stolen at gunpoint: Fort Worth police

A French Bulldog puppy named Dumbo was reunited with his family after being stolen by a potential buyer on Monday, police said.

The Fort Worth Police Department said Tuesday on social media that the puppy’s owner, Ario Magaña, was threatened with a handgun and robbed of his personal belongings, including Dumbo, by a potential buyer.

Magaña and his wife, Edith Aguilar, told WFAA that they have bred French Bulldogs for almost two years.

The suspect offered $4,000 for the puppy and allegedly gave Magaña a random address in a neighborhood cul-de-sac to meet up. When he arrived, the suspect had a gun and stole the dog, the dog’s papers and other items from Magaña, according to a previous report by WFAA.

According to Tom Sharp, president and CEO of American Kennel Club Reunite, dog thefts often involve high-value breeds including French Bulldogs.

Magaña and his wife told WFAA that they’re unsure whether they’ll sell another puppy following the incident.

Fort Worth police have not identified a suspect and as of Tuesday afternoon, no arrests have been made.