French Bulldog Stolen At gunpoint Outside NoHo Target Is Returned To Family

A French bulldog stolen at gunpoint outside of a North Hollywood Target store has been returned to its owners, authorities said. Amy Johnson reports.

Video Transcript

AMY JOHNSON: A French Bulldog, stolen at gunpoint outside a North Hollywood Target store, is back home with its owners this morning. The five-month-old puppy named Seven was found Friday night, but the thieves are still on the loose. The police say a week ago, two men followed Seven's owners out to their car, pulled a gun, and snatched the dog. The Valencia family offered a $12,000 reward for their puppy's safe return. It's unclear how the dog was found.

Now, these are the men accused of stealing Seven in that parking lot of the Target store at Victory Boulevard and Vineland Avenue, this all happening back on March 20. Police say there's an uptick in the theft of French Bulldogs, including Lady Gaga's dogs that were stolen last month.