French far-right group protests teenager's death

STORY: Far-right politicians have framed the Nov. 19 murder of the teenager, named Thomas, in the southeastern village of Crepol as an attack on France and what France represents, as witnesses alleged that the assailants were of Arab origin.

On Pantheon square in Paris, near the prestigious Sorbonne University, members of a far-right group Les Natifs paid tribute to Thomas, and chanted slogans such as "French people, wake up, you here, in your home," and "To prison, the scums," using a pejorative French word ''racaille''.

Nine people have been arrested in connection with the killing, which followed a village ball, authorities said.

The death of Thomas has sparked night-time protests across France over the past week, with some turning violent and leading to arrests.

Friday evening's protest at Pantheon square was initially banned by police due to potential trouble, but a court had lifted the ban, citing the importance of freedom of expression.