This French man put Orbeez in his bathtub — and it did not go well

A French man is going viral on Twitter for a strange video involving his bathtub. Cyril Schreiner, a YouTuber and social media influencer, shared the clips to his TikTok account late last month. Schreiner says he poured several Orbeez, small toy beads, into his bathtub in an attempt to make a strange, viral video. When placed into water, the toy beads expand rapidly. Schrener confessed that as the Orbeez expanded, he attempted to flush them down the drain. causing a neighborhood-wide plumbing dilemma. Then he tried to vacuum up the mess, but the machine allegedly caught on fire. In a subsequent video, Schreiner can be seen having a conversation with a police officer. The saga drew countless reactions online, with another Twitter user's play-by-play of the events garnering 15 million views. Many accused Schreiner of staging the video, as he has a history of sharing pranks online