French zoo welcomes baby pygmy hippo

Bioparc zoological park animal keeper Julie Boittiaux on Monday (November 29) said Lea the mother is still protective of her 18-day-old newborn and third baby, Quilla, not letting her out into the natural elements as of yet.

The pygmy hippopotamus -- an endangered species -- resembles the closely-related common hippopotamus but is much smaller.

Unlike common hippos, pygmy hippos usually live alone, except when they are mating or with a calf. They are mainly nocturnal, spending the day in water and moving to land at night to feed on leaves, roots, fruits, ferns, and grasses.

Pygmy hippos can be found in western Africa, mainly in Liberia but also in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Deforestation currently is the biggest threat to pygmy hippos.

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