Frequent Southwest Flyers Pay Homage to Attendants, Recreate Fun Flight at Home

A mother-daughter pair of frequent Southwest Airlines flyers re-enacted a flight from their living room, on April 6, choosing the same phrases used by captains or flight attendants while traveling.The fun re-enactment was created because the pair “miss flying the airline”, Kate Robertson can be heard saying in the video. The “flight” would take four minutes from the dining room to the living room, she said, and they were “missing the peanuts”.“We’re missing our friends on Southwest and all the important people that travel with us. Since we are on homebound, she’s going to be playing all the roles today,” Robertson said, referring to her mother Anne who was cast as captain and attendant.Among the phrases used, which the pair had heard from previous flights:— “No worries I’m a female pilot so if we get lost on the way, we’ll stop and ask for directions.”— “Carry-on items are crammed under your chairs and in front of you, leaving absolutely no room for your knees or feet.”— “As you know, it’s a no smoking, no whining, no complaining flight … Smoking is never allowed and will result in a $2,000 fine and let’s face it, if we could afford to pay that, we wouldn’t be flying Southwest. … If we make you feel uncomfortable during the flight, feel free to step outside. We don’t discriminate at Southwest, we have a special smoking section just for you out on the wing.”Also, when explaining how to use a mask, Robertson used a joke to pick the child with the most “money making potential” and one that “will likely help you in your old age” when determining who to help first.Air travel has been greatly reduced across the United States, and globally, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Credit: Kate Robertson via Storyful