Some Fresno Co. residents hesitant on vaccine despite incentive

Central Valley counties have some of the lowest vaccination rates in the state, so they had fewer entries in the drawings.

Video Transcript

WARREN ARMSTRONG: Well, the Central Valley finally got a winner in the state's vaccine money giveaway.

GRACIELA MORENO: A Fresno County resident is one of 30 vaccinated Californians randomly selected to win $50,000. Action News reporter Corin Hoggard is live in Downtown Fresno with a look at whether the vaccine incentive program is working. Corin.

CORIN HOGGARD: Graciela, Fresno County's vaccination rate has fallen for the last two months. But the Vax for the Win campaign may have slowed that trend.

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GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: There we go. It's finally in the Central Valley.

CORIN HOGGARD: $50,000 is coming to someone in Fresno County simply because they got vaccinated. After states like Ohio had success increasing vaccination rates through vaccine lotteries, California followed with its own giveaway. Everybody who's gotten a shot is entered into a drawing, and Governor Gavin Newsom says it seems to be having the desired effect.

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM: Since we announced these drawings a few weeks back, California has laid claim to be just one of a handful of states in the country that's actually seen an increase week-over-week in vaccines being administered.

CORIN HOGGARD: But Fresno County data look a bit different, with a seven-day average bottoming out early in June. Division manager Joe Prado says the Vax for the Win campaign helped the county maintain an average of between 2,500 and 3,000 doses per day.

JOE PRADO: As we have our outreach workers out there, a lot of people do know about Vax for the Win. And even with them knowing about Vax for the Win, they're still on the fence.

CORIN HOGGARD: Central Valley counties have some of the lowest vaccination rates in the state, so they had fewer entries in the drawings, and only one of 30 winners so far is living in the ABC 30 viewing area. And the message of the cash incentive didn't spread everywhere. Of all the people getting vaccinated at Fresno City College Friday, only one had even a vague awareness of it. You told me you were aware of the lottery too?

KEVIN KANSATH: I was aware of the lottery, yeah. I was aware of the lottery. So how does it work?

CORIN HOGGARD: Now, there is still time, though. The state is giving out 10 $1.5 million prizes on Tuesday. You just need to get one shot to qualify to win, although you do need to finish your vaccine regimen to collect the cash. Live in Downtown Fresno, Corin Hoggard, ABC 30 Action News.