Fresno Greek Fest serves more than 700 meals at drive-thru event

Servers say some of Saturday's most-popular dishes included traditional Moussaka, lamb shanks and seasonal vegetables.

Video Transcript

VANESSA VASCONCELOS: Well, the Central Valley is saying, Opa, because Greek Fest To-Go is continuing its drive-thru series this year. Members of St. George's Greek Orthodox Church in Central Fresno spent yesterday preparing more than 700 meals for locals to enjoy. The group hasn't been able to host its annual Greek Fest event for more than a year now, so they've instead turned to hosting these drive-thru sales every other month. Well, Greek Fest organizers say this past year has been a challenge. And while they're looking forward to resuming in-person events, they're happy the drive-thru has still kept the community enjoying some classic Greek food.

PETER VALLIS: If we can't host people at our house and have a big party, the second most important thing is to send people home with copious amounts of food. So we're not able to throw with the big party, we're still able to take and be true to our cultural identity and heritage and feed people, and make sure that people are happy eating in their own homes.

VANESSA VASCONCELOS: Servers say some of yesterday's most popular dishes included traditional Moussaka lamb shanks and seasonal vegetables. You can find more information on the next drive-thru event by visiting