Fresno officer allegedly affiliated with Proud Boys speaks out

'I did my job with integrity, I have no major cases against me, even with this they have no evidence of racism. I won't take this sitting down.'

Video Transcript

- I haven't talked to anybody. No one in my department reached out, no one wanted my side of the story, and he just said you're terminated. And I was like, Oh, I said so this is how you guys want to do business?

- A Fresno police officer says he was fired with a phone call. Rick Fitzgerald is speaking out hours after both the Fresno police department and the City Mayor announced he was terminated from the Department for his involvement with the Proud Boys. A far right extremist group.

- The fact that he was involved and engaged with an organization that is associated with hate is something that we cannot tolerate from any employee in the City of Fresno.

- Fitzgerald was put on administrative leave once the accusations came to light just three weeks ago when he was seen wearing clothing associated with the group while attending the tower theater protests. He didn't deny that he was once affiliated with the group, but says after seeing their behavior in Sacramento, he immediately walked away.

- I saw the way that some of the guys conducted themselves. And I said, this isn't something I want to be a part of because there's no honor here. There's no integrity. I left the next day. We started our new group the Sons of '76, which is basically a group that just does community service and charity.

- He says he was already part of his new group the Sons of '76 the day he was seen at the theater protest and left once members of the Proud Boys showed up. Fitzgerald was expecting to meet with the chief Monday to share his side of the story before he received the call.

- They sent me the package of what they were terminating me for and there was zero evidence of anything racial.

- Fitzgerald says he's been with the Department for nearly 20 years, and he says he doesn't plan to go out without a fight. I always did my job with integrity. I've got no major cases against me. Even with this, they have no evidence of racism. I mean, I'm not going to take this sitting down.

- In a statement however, Fresno Police Chief [INAUDIBLE] says, he still stands by his disapproval of any police officer affiliated with hate groups or any other group known for engaging in violent behavior. In Fresno, Natalie [INAUDIBLE]. ABC 30, Action News.