Friday The 13th 2022: Why This Day Is A Lot Luckier Than You Might Think

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Don’t freak out, but Friday the 13th 2022 is just around the corner! With all the negative hype surrounding this infamous day, you might count yourself lucky that May 13 will be the only time the 13th day of the month will land on a Friday this year. If you’re considering calling out of work and shielding yourself from all the “bad luck” that Friday the 13th inevitably brings, let me be the one to calm you down. Chances are, you’ve been lied to all your life about Friday the 13th, because I bet no one’s ever told you that it’s also considered the day of the “Divine Feminine”, making it a time to celebrate everything it means to be in touch with your inner goddess!

You’ve probably been told that Friday the 13th is something to be afraid of, but I bet no one’s ever explained to you why. According to Phillips Stevens, Jr., associate professor of anthropology at the University at Buffalo, the infamy surrounding the number 13 can be traced back to the Bible. He explains that this pessimistic association is rooted in the Last Supper, because there were 13 people present at the table and it took place the night before Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified. Since then, the idea of Friday the 13th being nothing but bad luck has spread like wildfire, solidifying itself as an enduring superstition in Western society.

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However, there’s another side to Friday the 13th that needs to be talked about a *lot* more. In fact, it should bring you a flood of relief, especially if you consider yourself to be a witch or a feminist! Instead of being a day of negativity and suffering, Friday the 13th is also a day brimming with creativity and romantic energy, making it a powerful time to manifest your dreams. It’s a day to celebrate your femininity and to honor the side of you that is nurturing, sensitive, emotional and heartfelt.

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There’s just as much reason to believe that Friday the 13th is something to look forward to. After all, in astrology, Friday is the day of Venus—goddess of love, friendship and luxury—making it the perfect time to do things that make you feel stylish, beautiful and alive with romance. According to Tanaaz Chubb, creator of Forever Conscious, the goddess Venus “joins us at the end of the week to honor the days gone by and to remind us that it is important to rest, relax and play.” Chubb also explains that the number 13 is “the number of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood.” In fact, there are 13 moon cycles in any given year, which supports the theory that the number 13 may be powerful, but that doesn’t make it inherently “bad”.

If you’re feeling nervous about the upcoming Friday the 13th, don’t sweat it. Instead of letting the negative energy ruin the start to your weekend, why not subvert patriarchal traditions and use this day to celebrate everything that it means to be you? Join forces with your fellow witches and divine femmes and create some magic together. Let this powerful day take on a whole new meaning for you.

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