Friday Ends With At Least 1 Juror Left To Seat

Jury selection resumes Monday morning at 9 a.m., Jennifer Mayerle reports (2:03). WCCO 4 News At 6 - March 19, 2021

Video Transcript

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: Jury selection will continue in the Derek Chauvin trial on Monday. 13 jurors are now seated. The judge wants 14 but will pick two more next week to make sure they have enough people when the trial starts on March 29.

WCCO's Jennifer Mayerle has the latest on the jurors and the decisions that were made in court today.

JENNIFER MAYERLE: Friday started with 12 jurors seated and one more was added. Number 13 is a woman in her 50s who likes animals. She worked in customer service and is in between jobs. She said she's seen some of the fatal encounter between George Floyd and Minneapolis Police and so she can put aside any opinions about it.

When asked about Derek Chauvin, accused in Floyd's death, she said she felt he took on a different role than the other officers on scene.

- How do you mean?

- More like the leader.

- OK. And do you assign him more blame as a result of that role?

- I do not.

JENNIFER MAYERLE: Here's a look at the overall jury. There are five men, eight women. 6 of the 13 are people of color. Ages range from 20s to 60s.

And the judge ruled on three main motions Friday. He denied a change of venue and a continuance. Judge Peter Cahill is allowing a limited amount of a 2019 encounter between Floyd and police.

PETER CAHILL: The May 6, 2019, evidence is only admissible for the limited purpose of showing what Mr Floyd's-- as an example of Mr Floyd's bodily reaction, his physical symptoms, upon being confronted in almost the exact same situation.

JENNIFER MAYERLE: The emotional behavior part is out, so is an expert the state wanted to testify.

In Minneapolis, Jennifer Mayerle, WCCO 4 News.

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: Jury selection resumes on Monday morning at 9:00. And CBSN Minnesota is your source for live updates during the Derek Chauvin trial. We'll be streaming the entire trial once opening statements begin. You can watch free on any device through the CBS News app or just go to