Friday Evening Weather

16 WAPT meteorologist Adam McWilliams has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript


ADAM MCWILLIAMS: Another warm and breezy day. We're watching severe weather that's going to be building into our area later on this afternoon and into this evening. Really overnight it's going to be that main time frame of the worst of the weather here in our area. But look at these temperatures. 87 degrees, the current number here in the metro area. We've been as high as 88 this afternoon. So, yes, we're up there in that record territory, southeast wind at 11. So we have a lot of fuel for these showers and thunderstorms that are going to be developing later on this afternoon.

Already we see thunderstorms across Arkansas. This will be the first round moving through. And that's going to be approaching the delta counties, Greenville, down towards the Greenwood area, here within the next several hours. And this will be producing strong, gusty winds and large hail. And even we have a tornado warning on this part of the storm south of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. So, again, spin-up tornadoes are possible with this stuff tonight, but really the main threats are going to be these significant straight line winds pushing through the area.

Look at the mid-afternoon temperatures around the area. 87 here in the metro, 85 at Natchez, 84 degrees in New Orleans, 86 Meridian, all of that warm air pumping up into our area. And you see where the thunderstorms have cooled temperatures down to 69 in Little Rock.

So here is the timing of the storms, and we could have multiple rounds of thunderstorms across the area. So here's the first round that moves through later on this evening. So if you live up north of Jackson, Belzoni, Kosciusko, Lexington, Carthage-- those areas, you could see thunderstorms early this evening. That passes by and then here comes our line of thunderstorms developing back out to the west. And this is what we are concerned with these significant winds across the area, because this could be a significant wind producer across the region.

So it's in the metro area right around 3:00 AM. So we're given the time frame 2:00 to 4:00 AM here in the metro area. Again, significant winds along that line, heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and in any of these little kinks in the line there could be a spin up tornado threat. , Again the line is out of the viewing area, I think, around 4:00 to 4:30 in the morning. And the line is already at the Gulf Coast at 6:00 AM and racing to the east during the morning hours, conditions rapidly improving for our area tomorrow morning.

And look at the lightning. Again, a lot-- these storms have a lot of energy. There's a lot of energy in the atmosphere this evening, so these storms are going to be loud and they're going to produce a lot of lightning and thunder around the area. There's a squall line approaching the Jackson metro area right around 2:00 AM, blows through here by about 3:30, 4:00 AM. And by 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM, it will be approaching the Gulf Coast but tremendous lightning with this line coming through. Also we're worried about significant wind gusts, so really want to pay attention to this severe thunderstorm warnings later on this evening because they will carry more of a threat than they normally do.

Again, significant wind threat across the entire WAPT coverage area. Damaging winds 60 miles an hour, maybe 80 in some of those significant wind gusts, spin-up tornadoes are possible. Large hail, that threat [? is ?] going to be mainly this afternoon and for areas to the north of metro Jackson. Heavy rain and flash flooding also a concern. These rainfall amounts are going to pick up quickly around the area.

So we're going to go from storms to sunshine. So there's the front with the strong thunderstorms early tomorrow morning. That's going to blow through here. And then we have clearing skies and sunshine by the end of the day. The end of the day is going to end up being a beautiful day around here, temperatures up in the 70s. And for Sunday, more of the same, high pressure moves in. And we're looking at fantastic weather to start next week, bright sunshine. We do have rain chances, but don't expect significant storms in the forecast at least for the next week around here.

Here are the rainfall totals. Again, widespread one to two inches, maybe as high as three inches in some areas. So alert night tonight, severe thunderstorms, damaging winds are possible. And then tomorrow we have those storms early in the day, turning sunny. It's going to be breezy too, 76 with a west northwest wind.

Clear and much cooler tomorrow night, low temperatures down in the lower 50s. And there's your seven-day forecast. Quiet to start the week and then we have off and on rain chances starting Tuesday and lasting through next week. High temperatures near average in the lower 70s.