Friday Morning Weather Forecast with Mary Lee


Video Transcript

BETTY: Let's get right to Mary Lee. And Mary, Tahoe sounds like the perfect weekend getaway.

MARY LEE: Oh my goodness, yeah Betty. A beautiful weekend up in Tahoe. Plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the mid 70s up in Tahoe this weekend. And it is going to be Ines here in the Bay Area as well. Check out, first of all, a live look with our Salesforce Tower camera as we kick off our Friday.

And we are looking at mainly sunny skies, and clouds out there, but a gorgeous view of Mount Diablo in the East Bay this morning. Temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s. So 53 in Concord and for you in Oakland. Also, for downtown San Francisco, 50 in Livermore and San Jose. Santa Rosa coming in at 45 with that sun. So calm to light conditions, a little breezy at SFO with those westerly winds at 13 miles per hour, and that Delta breeze in Fairfield at 20 miles per hour.

Through the Altamont gusts up to about 30 miles per hour. So you super commuters through the Altamont, you'll see those gusty conditions there. Well, we have been tracking this low pressure system, we've had our eyes on it all week long. And this storm system will miss us unfortunately, so another storm passing to our north. And the big winners with that rain, the Pacific Northwest.

So Seattle, Portland, Medford and far northern California catching in on that rain action, but not really for us as we are looking at dry weather for the most part. Could see a few showers for Lake County, Mendocino County and possibly far northern Sonoma County. And we're looking at breezy westerly winds expected for today.

So as we go through our day, a little bit warmer and a little bit warmer still for a our weekend. So back to normal for those daytime highs for Saturday and for Sunday. As we look to next week, boy, we are really going to heat things up with that strong ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest and the Four Corners region.

And that means inland we are talking about a heat wave looking likely for next week. And I'll show you just how hot it will get coming up in just a moment. Our sunrise today at 5:47 and a sunset at 8:31. So daytime highs for the South Bay slightly warmer compared to yesterday, 74 with that sunshine in Santa Clara and San Jose. 80 for you in Morgan Hill, for the East Bay 77. Concord as well as for Pleasant Hill topping out at 81 in Fairfield 80 in Brentwood and mid 70s for the tri-valley this afternoon.

Around the Bay 63 in San Francisco, 62 Daly City and 60s for Alameda. Upper 60s for you in Oakland as well as San Leandro, and the North Bay low to mid 70s to 75 for high in Napa, also for st. Helena. Here's the extended forecast. We're going to warm things up for our weekend to right around where we should be for this time of year. And then check out how hot it will get by next Wednesday and next Thursday. We're talking mid to upper 90s inland by the middle part of next week.