Friday Night Lights Shine Over Bay Area With Return of High School Football

March is typically not the time of year for football but the Friday night lights are back on as schools in the Bay Area try to salvage some sort of season. Andrea Nakano reports. (3-12-21)

Video Transcript

KEN BASTIDA: The Friday night lights are finally back on. Schools around the Bay Area are trying to salvage some sort of football season. KPIX 5's Andrea Nakano is in Oakley, where there's a glimpse of football during the pandemic.

ANDREA NAKANO: This is the first Friday night football game in about a year. And while everything on the field is fairly normal, take a look at the stands. It is practically empty except for a few people that got special tickets to the game.


Friday night lights were shining bright once again.

VINCENT NUNLEY: Most of us have been waiting for almost two years to play. So just to get this opportunity to play again, it's exciting, it's fun.


ANDREA NAKANO: Tonight, Freedom High hosted Campolindo in Oakley. And it's not just about the football. The cheer team tried to rally a subdued crowd at Freedom High School. According to public health guidelines, no fans are allowed.

KELLY MANKE: What we are allowing tonight is two observers. And so an observer is a parent or guardian from your household.

ANDREA NAKANO: So while Friday Night Football may not feel quite the same--

- (CHANTING) Go, go!

ANDREA NAKANO: --the kids finally have a piece of normalcy back in their lives, despite Freedom dropping the first game of the season.

SASHA JACKSON: I think it's great for the kids, you know? They needed this.

ANDREW COTTER: A lot of people are hurting. And this is the chance tonight, you know, to kind of start dusting ourselves off and kind of getting back to normal.

ANDREA NAKANO: While football has started, Freedom High is going to open to students next week in a hybrid learning mode. In Oakley, Andrea Nakano, KPIX 5.

ELIZABETH COOK: So neat to see them playing the sports that they love right now.

KEN BASTIDA: It's a rite of passage when you're in high school, for sure.

ELIZABETH COOK: And it's cool, I mean, when and how often do you get Friday night lights in spring time?

KEN BASTIDA: That's right.