Friday's Top 10 Plays

Check out the top plays from Friday.

Video Transcript

- Hey, everybody. It's time now for your "Top 10" plays of the night. In at 10, Aaron Holiday knocking down the long 3 to end the first quarter despite Malcolm Brogdon's return to action, still able to make a strong statement in the 23 minutes he played on the night. He had 20 points on 7 of 14 from the field, also six made 3-pointers.

Lou Williams, who has given the Hawks a needed boost, lobs it up to Onyeka Okongwu for the dunk.

In at 8, JaVale McGee throws it down, only played 10 minutes but was so efficient, two for three and that slam being one of them.

Number 7. Minnesota Boston. D'Angelo Russell pulls up from 3, hits it from deep to tie it up in the fourth quarter. Nice and contested. Doesn't matter.

Number 6. Minnesota-Boston. Karl-Anthony Towns, the over-the-shoulder find. He had 30 points, four made 3's, and was perfect from the free throw line. But that pass was the highlight.

We're down to the top 5. The chase down defensive play from Ja Morant. You got to have a defensive play in the top 10. Ja earned it tonight.

In at number 4, let's get back to offense. What do you say? Outruns the defender, takes it all the way and up the middle. Terrence Ross-- 24 points off the bench in this one.

Number 3. Jaden McDaniels flushes it. He was only one of five from 3 tonight, but this one made up for it in transition.

We're down to your talk 2 plays. Josh Okogie drops the hammer over Thompson.

And your top play of the night-- Washington at Golden State. Bradley Beal knocks it down with under 10 seconds to go to secure the win over the Golden State Warriors. That'll do it for your "Top 10" plays of the night.