A fried chicken sandwich in every pot? Roost offers Biden and Trump versions to get your vote

Adam Lukach, Chicago Tribune
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This was going to be an attempt at a witty, facetious lede about politics-imbued chicken sandwiches and about wishing that your regular election ballot could be fried poultry between two buns, “am I right?”. But honestly, on this, the day before the first Tuesday in November, I no longer have the energy or good nature required to muster combination “presidents-as-fried-chicken” jokes.

But you might be into this deal, dubbed The Chicken Poll: Enjoy a novel political joke when you order from Roost for the foreseeable future, as the fried chicken spot will add a pair of sandwiches — each named after a presidential candidate — to its menu “until an official winner is announced.”

“We realize this might be on the menu for awhile,” reads Roost Chicken & Biscuit’s website, presumably an allusion to what appears to be an imminent and potentially grueling challenge to the legitimacy of cast election ballots. Sounds yummy!

Oh, and the sandwiches. There are two, both centered on fried chicken. I’m going to list these in alphabetical order, so please don’t accuse me of favoring one candidate — or sandwich — versus another. The Biden features aged white cheddar and blackberry jam, while the Trump features American cheese, Cheetos and nacho cheese.

Each sandwich has a little tagline accompanying it. Biden’s reads, “Old and white… but he does have black friends.” Trump’s reads, “Unquestionably unhealthy. Unnaturally orange… but you definitely know someone that’s gonna love it.”

Personally, I prefer my chicken sandwiches without cheese of any kind. Like with the presidential election, however, the winner of this chicken sandwich contest will stick around, while the loser will be “fired,” as Donald Trump used to say on that reality TV show of his.

Each sandwich is $11, available on a buttermilk biscuit or Hawaiian roll. Get out the bite! *cries*



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