Friend asks for help for family of 5 hospitalized after Plano house explosion

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A friend started a GoFundMe page Tuesday asking for donations for a Plano family of five who were hospitalized after the home next to them exploded.

The Jagielski family were injured when the house next to them at 4429 Cleveland Drive was leveled in an explosion at about 4:40 p.m. Monday. An investigation determined the explosion was likely caused by a gas leak.

Most of the family was on the east side of the house when their neighbor’s home exploded, sending debris and glass into their house. The woman who started the GoFundMe, Mae Reedy, told a GoFundMe organizer that the entire family went to the hospital. The father had emergency surgery to remove glass and debris from his body. His wife and their three children were also severely injured, but will recover.

Donations will go directly to the Jagielski family to help with emergency funds, including necessities like basic comforts, clothing and toiletries.

“They have lost everything in a flash,” the donation page says. “Please consider donating as we help them get through this very difficult and traumatic experience!”

One person was inside the home at 4429 Cleveland Drive when it exploded, according to the Plano fire department. That person was pulled from the rubble and also taken to the hospital.

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