Friendly Deer Pays Visit to Utah Neighborhood

An affable deer created somewhat of a buzz in a neighborhood near Salt Lake City, Utah, he regularly visited over the holiday period.

The deer, nicknamed Cooper by local residents, has been playing with children in the neighborhood of Herriman and was even spotted posing for photos, reports said.

Herriman resident Angelica Lujan recorded footage of the tame deer interacting with her children outside of her home on South Rowell Drive.

Speaking to KSTU, a Utah Division of Wildlife Resources representative said despite the deer’s friendly attitude, the best thing for the animal is for people to leave him alone.

“People don’t realize these beautiful, cute deer can be aggressive as they get older. We’ve had times in the past where these friendly deer, they do get aggressive,” said Scott Root, Conservation Outreach Manager, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

“We’ve had kids hurt at bus stops. Bad things happen when we feed deer in a residential area,” Root added. Credit: Angelica Lujan via Storyful

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