Friendly 'Rocks' stars

Best friends, 'Rocks' co-stars and BAFTA nominees Bukky Bakray and Kosar Ali support and make fun of each other ahead of the British Academy Film Awards (10 April.)

Video Transcript

- How nice is it for you both to be going through this kind of process together?

BUKKY BAKRAY: I feel really blessed and grateful to have Kosar as well as the rest of the ladies. But just to have a partner in crime to just bust it with, I'm just like-- just feeling like well, we've got each other's--


To feel you've got each other's backs, it's like you just feel supported nonstop.

KOSAR ALI: Basically, I'm not at home right now. I'm in a hotel. So it's going to be like no mom's shouting at the back and no microwaves. So that's good, but it's got a little set up. And yeah, so I'm excited for it, but I do wish it was in real life.

BUKKY BAKRAY: You know, it's not what it was meant to be, the red carpet, the glossiness, but that's not really why I'm in it. So I feel like I'm not missing out on anything. I just feel really blessed to be a part of something like in this pandemic, you know.


BUKKY BAKRAY: She didn't even tell me to what vibe it was. And then I saw her fit.

- I almost like--

KOSAR ALI: She's such a liar.

BUKKY BAKRAY: Now, I need to step up.

KOSAR ALI: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. How can lie on national TV like this? You're actually capping. No, so basically what happened, is Bukky didn't told me what she was going to wear. So I was begging her for weeks saying, can I just see at least like a vibe of what you're doing? And she's here being all secretive like, oh, you know, it's not going to be that nice. Until this day, she still hasn't shown me. Bukky is going to look amazing. If your jaw is on the floor, don't be surprised.

BUKKY BAKRAY: That's just rude.

KOSAR ALI: Because that's just what she does for a living.

BUKKY BAKRAY: She does this. She just run this audition, this--


Kosar's outfit is quintessential. It's like--

KOSAR ALI: Oh, shut up, man. No, she's just talking so much rubbish. She's going to look so dope. Like oh, my God.