These 'Friends' Coasters Have Trivia Questions On Them To Add Some Game To Your Next Party

Kelly Corbett
Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

From Delish

Friends may have aired its last episode almost 16 years ago, but our obsession with the sitcom will never cease. Basically, we want anything and everything Central Perk related in our hands and homes now. We've seen Friends candles, Friends jewelry, and even a Friends clothing line. But you know what we haven't seen, which not only offers a fun landing area for your beverages, but could help keep our coffee tables in better condition? Coasters! Better yet, coasters with trivia questions on them because who doesn't want to prove to their squad that that he/she is the ultimate Friends expert?!

Urban Outfitters is selling a 20-piece Friends Trivia Coaster Set and we're all for it. Each light green coaster has the Central Perk logo printed on the front and two trivia questions on the back (with answers written upside down in tiny print). Get the first question right, and you're considered a fan (+1 point). The second question, which is a little more difficult, will separate the fans from the superfans. Answer it right and score two points. You can expect questions like: "During which public holiday did Chandler discover his parents were getting divorced?" and "What did Joey throw on the fire ruining his date with Ginger?" A great little set to test out during your next game night, or next time you have guests over for adult beverages or coffee.

Ready to put your Friends knowledge to the test? You can pick these coasters up for $9 at Urban Outfitters. You can also buy this neon Central Perk sign there.

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