Friends, Family Remember Liam Husted at Thursday Afternoon Vigil in San Jose

KPIX 5's Maria Medina spoke with the father of a San Jose boy who was killed, allegedly by his mother. Nick Husted shared his grief over the loss of his son at a vigil Thursday evening. (6-10-21)

Video Transcript

- Tonight we're hearing from the father of a San Jose boy who was killed allegedly by his own mother. Nick Husted shared his grief at a vigil tonight. It was held at the park he took his son to every week. KPIX 5's Maria Medina is in San Jose with the emotional interview.

MARIA MEDINA: This is the park where Nick Husted would take his son Liam at least once a week, a place full of happy memories before police say Liam's mother took his life.

NICK HUSTED: He didn't deserve any of this. And that's the hardest part is knowing that I-- I wasn't there to protect him.

MARIA MEDINA: Standing in the very spot where Nick Husted spent time with his son.

NICK HUSTED: This was his second home.

MARIA MEDINA: Nick fought through the tears and grief to share his life and love for Liam.

NICK HUSTED: He's smart. He's definitely energetic. He's mischievous.

MARIA MEDINA: On May 28th, a hiker found little Liam's body near a trailhead off a state highway outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Police say he was murdered, and the prime suspect, his mother, Samantha Moreno Rodriguez. Before she left their San Jose home, investigators say Rodriguez packed her belongings in her car and left Nick a message saying, quote, I'm sorry I had to do it like this.

RAY SPENCER: She also goes on to say that, I'm going to try to get a house for Liam and I, and that, we can talk about this in the future.

MARIA MEDINA: FBI agents tracked down Rodriguez at a Denver, Colorado hotel earlier this week.

NICK HUSTED: And I just wish I didn't go to work.

MARIA MEDINA: Nick says he saw his son the day before Rodriguez disappeared with Liam. It was the last time he saw the seven-year-old alive.

NICK HUSTED: Normally, I would sleep with him. And Sunday, I didn't. Normally I'm in bed holding his hand, and I didn't. You know, he did not deserve any of that. And that's what I wanted him to know, is that he was a good boy.


NICK HUSTED: And he didn't do anything wrong. And daddy loves him so much.

MARIA MEDINA: Meanwhile, Rodriguez is awaiting extradition back to Las Vegas from Denver. Friends and family say Liam had special needs. Police have not released any information on a possible motive. In San Jose, Maria Medina, KPIX 5.