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Mar. 11—Fairmont Golf Club news

Knocky Thorndyke and John Haskins were the winners in this week's Senior Shootout with a two-stroke victory over Larry Lynn Locklear and Kent Chavis. The second flight was won by Atlas Warwick and Tom Cleveland with Jim Steed and J.T. Powers taking second place. Jerry Stubbs and Johnny Rowell were the third-flight winners with Rick Rogers and Tim Moore taking second. Ron Freeman and David Hunt were the fourth-flight winners followed by Jim Rogers and D.J. Jones. D.J. Jones, Richard Lowery, and John Haskins, who won two, were closest to the pin winners.

The next senior Shootout will be played this Tuesday morning with a 10 a.m. shotgun start.

Top rounds posted this week include: Mitch Grier with a 71, Andy Andrews 72, John Stanley 73, Joe Marks 73, James Thompson 74, Tim Moore 75, David Miller 75, Mark Madden 75, Butch Lennon 76, Richard Coleman 76, Richie Chmura 76, Randy Williamson 77, Robert Lawson 77, Jeff Slabe 77, Michael Connor 78, Marcus White 78, Bert Thomas 78, Joey Todd 78, Roy Williamson 78, Dennis Andrews 78 and Ricky Lewis 79.

Pinecrest Senior Shootout

Ronald Locklear and Lonail Locklear were the championship-flight winners in this week's Senior Shootout at Pinecrest Country Club with a 64, winning by three strokes over runners-up Warren Bowen and Bucky Beasley.

Atlas Warwick and Knocky Thorndyke won the first flight with a 71, winning in a scorecard playoff over runners-up Tiger Will and Willie Oxendine.

Closest to the pin winners were Lonail Locklear, Tommy Lowry and Tiger Will.

The next Pinecrest Senior Shootout will be played Thursday with a 10 a.m. shotgun start.

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