FriYAY in the Community: Los Angeles County residents share their good news

Los Angeles County residents share good news.

Video Transcript

ERIC RESENDIZ: How's it going, everyone? You know what day it is. The weekend is finally here, so let's start it off with some good news.

JESSE SORIANO: Good news, my mom recovered from COVID. And after a challenging time, she's healthy now. And I recently saw her riding a tricycle. You know, the type that has a basket in the back. Good news. And here's the good news for you and yours.

HALEY ELENA: Hi, my name is Haley Elena, I'm 16, and I'm from LA. My good news is that I just released my first single called, "With You". I wrote it about a young teenager in love in quarantine, as well as missing your loved ones during this tough time. Be sure to go check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

HECTOR OCHOA: Hi, I'm Hector Ochoa from Boyle Heights, California, and my good news is that people with disabilities finally will be able to get vaccinated here in Los Angeles County. And that's exciting! One of the most vulnerable populations in our country will finally be able to get their COVID-19 vaccine here in Los Angeles County.

LENNI MONTES DE OCA: Hi, today's big news is we're celebrating my husband's 46 birthday. We're in Catalina Island, my first time here, and it's beautiful. The weather's great. We've enjoyed our tours, and just showing Brian all the love today. Happy birthday, Brian.

ERIC RESENDIZ: And that's a wrap for this weekend, everyone. If you have good news to share, please send me a DM or a comment, and let's share all of the good news happening around us. Have a great weekend, everyone.