Frontenac grad now high school’s SRO

FRONTENAC, Kan. — The Frontenac School District welcomes a familiar face back home.

Officer Nick Kosman is in his first year as the school’s resource officer, and he’s no stranger to these halls. He graduated from Frontenac High School in 2011. After that, he went into the Army for 12 years.

Once he got out of the Army, he returned to southeast Kansas and served as a resource officer for the Pittsburg School District.

Kosman says he is excited to be back home.

“It’s good to be back. It’s a different environment altogether, but I’m happy to be back here. It’s where I want my kids to go to school. So it was when the opportunity opened up, I jumped on it,” said Kosman.

“It’s fun to have him back and remember him as a student, but see the adult that he’s grown into and somebody who can contribute to our school and keeping our students safe. And now we’re on the same team. You know, we’re on the same team to provide a safe learning environment for students,” said Brandy Stanley, Frontenac High School Principal.

Kosman said that the working relationship has been great, and he and school officials are constantly discussing strategies to keep the school safe.

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