On the frontline of 'Kill the Bill' protest

Protests turned violent again in Bristol on Friday night after a rally against the government's Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

Video Transcript

- Six hours on from when this protest started peacefully on [? college ?] green. The situation now is getting particularly violent, and clashes are continuing to erupt. There have been some pretty violent clashes. We've seen people with blood on their hands and their head having sustained some injuries.

We're not sure how. What you can see now is the current front line, as I say, a couple of hundred meters away from Bridewell Police Station, which is the police station, which was under siege essentially and damaged during last Sunday's protests. Now, that's been pushed away.

Protesters have been moved further afield, but there is now a new front line. Those riot police are in place here having those conversations, trying to disperse the crowds, and move them on as peacefully as possible. But that has not been completely the case. There have been some pretty violent clashes with the police and protesters certainly at the very front line there.