Frost Science Opens New Dino Exhibit With Life-Size Interactives

CBS4 Photojournalist David Agudelo has a preview, guaranteed to take you back to a long-gone era.

Video Transcript

- Calling all dinosaur lovers out there-- there's an exhibit that just opened up at the Frost Museum of Science in Downtown Miami with life-sized interactives that promise to be great fun for the entire family. CBS 4 photojournalist David Agudelo has a preview guaranteed to take you back to a long gone era.


SKIP URICCHIO: This is Pterosaurs-- Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs. It's a exhibition about pterosaurs, which are the largest flying vertebrates ever. They were flying around 150 million years ago and went extinct about 66 million years ago. They range in size from a sparrow up to 33-foot wingspans, so they're pretty impressive.

This is to scale. This is the largest known pterosaur, 33-foot wingspan, and it's actually the largest known flying creature. You can see the size of the the bone and then where it is found in the pterosaur itself.

Pterosaur fossils are rare, and we have quite a few casts from all over the world. They have all these elaborate head crests that they think were used for cooling or for steering. So you can see, based on the fossil cast here of the crest, what they extrapolate it would look like.


This is Fly Like a Pterosaur. It's motion-based sensing, so I'm flying the pterosaur model here. And what my goal is is to catch a fish. My shoulders are feeling it right now.


The pterosaurs are just beginning to be known based on fossil finds. So as we find more fossils-- which is regularly-- we're finding more and more different species. Right now, there are about 150 different species known, but scientists think that there were thousands of different species.


- The exhibit is sponsored by Nicklaus Children's Hospital and the American Museum of Natural History. It runs through September 6.