Frustrated Chris Cooley has some harsh words for the Commanders

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Former Washington tight end Chris Cooley actually said some Commanders’ coaches were idiots.

As a guest on the “Kevin Sheehan Show” podcast Thursday, Cooley was describing what he had observed while watching the film of the Commanders’ 24-8 loss to the Eagles.

Now, in fairness to Cooley, it is not altogether certain to whom he was referring. Was he referring to offensive coordinator Scott Turner? Or head coach Ron Rivera?

Cooley marveled that the Eagles played a 3-man defensive front many times in the game. “I don’t know how teams could play this in the NFL. You are just counting on teams throwing the ball on first down…It’s a 3-4 front as  they can bail the two ends like linebackers. It’s a 3-4 front with only one linebacker. Which makes it a 3-3.”

Sheehan reacted, “Then, why didn’t they (Commanders) run against this?” To which Cooley responded, “Because they’re idiots. I don’t know. They actually ran the ball ok, when they ran the ball. (But) they could never commit to it.”

You could hear in Cooley; it was in exasperation he called them idiots. Because he quickly countered, “I don’t know.”

After explaining the defensive alignment and its basic coverage Cooley said “I don’t know if he ever really saw it. And I don’t know why they kept calling play-action against it. I don’t know if Wentz saw it, I don’t know if Turner saw it.”

Cooley sounded passionate that they repeatedly attempted play-action passes when he pointed to a particular play where the offensive line did not sell run at all. He said they should initially have low helmets, low pads, but didn’t, so the Eagles knew it was a pass right away. He then said, “If that’s the case they should abort the fake because it only takes Wentz’s eyes off of the field.”

Sheehan then asked, “If Scott Turner (offensive coordinator) had adjusted, he would have adjusted to what?”

Cooley succinctly replied, “I am fine with some short-pass stuff.” Then he pointed out a play early where Terry McLaurin was in a single coverage by the Eagles. Yet, Wentz ate the ball and thus the sack. “McLaurin was open; just throw him the ball…That is what you want, one-on-one with Terry.”

There is much, much more here is the full show link.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire