Frustrated residents in Lewiston, Maine asking hard questions

In Lewiston, Maine, a week after two mass shootings there is anguish and disbelief.

“I feel like our world kind of got shattered. You never thought it would happen in your own backyard” said Lee Beaulieu.

One week after suspected killer Robert Card was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, hard questions are being asked.

Why did Robert Card still have his guns after people complained to authorities about his deteriorating mental health?

Why didn’t the state’s yellow flag law protect people against mass murder?

At Schemengees Bar, the second site of last week’s mass shootings, there are simply no answers.

“We have to solve this because this can’t happen again,” Beaulieu said.

Boston Security Analyst Dan Linskey told Boston 25 those hard questions, need to be asked and answered, soon.

“When family members are contacting the military, contacting law enforcement, saying my family member is armed, hearing voices, homicidal, suicidal, you need to help us. And there’s no process that is able to get firearms away from him in a timely, efficient manner we fail,” Linskey said.

“My niece was a survivor at the bowling alley,” Nancy Jordan of Leeds, Maine told Boston 25′s Bob Ward outside Schemengees.

She was there to honor her niece, and to remember those who didn’t survive the horror of these shootings.

She is struggling to understand why this happened.

“I was brought up in a family that hunted all the time. We always had guns in the house. But back when I was a child you didn’t worry like you do today it’s just a totally different world,” Jordan said.

Tony Dickey,  a chaplain from Alabama also visited the memorial set up outside Schemengees.

He was in Maine  with his group, a nonprofit called  Disaster and Victim Services, offering people support

Since Sandy Hook, he told Boston 25 News he’s been called out to the scenes of more than 20 mass shootings.

" I don’t want to go to another one of these. I’ve seen too many of them,” Dickey said.

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